Happy National Pear Month!

December is officially National Pear Month, and here in the Pacific Northwest we’re celebrating!  Here are six things you can do to join in the fun: 1.  This one’s obvious:  incorporate pears into your meals, snacks, desserts and beverages!  You’ll find plenty of inspiration here, or invent something and send me a photo (you might just win something). 2.  Decorate with fresh pears – they look beautiful in wreaths, centerpieces, garlands and more.  Follow the simple directions for one of our projects, or invent your own and send me another photo! 3.  Make a gift basket using fresh pears for friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, the mailman, whoever.  Once again, we have instructions and inspiration here, and I don’t want to say it again but I will, INVENT YOUR OWN AND SEND ME A PHOTO! 4.   Click here to receive our monthly e-newsletters.  They always Continue reading

Balance your holiday sparkle with fresh pears!

I saw this beautiful fall table setting on HGTV.com, and just had to share it.  They bring up a great point – that natural elements like fresh pears create a perfect balance for shimmery metalics.  You can’t go all sparkle all the time, you have to mix it up.  It’s all about contrast in color, texture and height, right?  Here, they use a small variety, like Seckel or Forelle to contrast their golden/amber candles, stemware and glass dishes. Click here to get a better look! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Flaunt Your Fruit!

Here’s a cute and easy way to make inexpensive, custom place cards for a wedding, shower, holiday celebration or dinner party.  Simply cut out leaf shapes from a thick piece of paper with your guests’ names printed or hand-written on it.  Punch a small hole in each of your “leaves,” thread ribbon, raffia or string through the holes and tie around the pears’ stems.  Tie and cut the ribbon and voila, you have elegant yet trouble-free place cards that double as favors for guests to take home! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn


Turns out, we’re not the only ones who are crazy about pears.  I recently came across this oh-so-adorable blog post on Paper Olive.com.  Paper Olive is couture stationery company dedicated to the modern bride.  They put together this awesome design collage featuring a look inspired by their Anjou wedding invitation:  Click on the image for more details on the projects shown.  And don’t forget, we have our very own décor projects and cocktail recipes at usapears.org! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn