Pears on Display

Our recent supermarket display contest in Central America had some great entries, but this one was particularly eye-catching. It’s clean and well organized, draws attention from shoppers, and features more than one variety: Green Anjou, Red Anjou, and Bosc.  While I can’t say that their version of a pear tree is a truly accurate portrayal of our USA Pear trees here in the Pacific Northwest, the display is impressive and fun, and it’s obvious that the produce department staff put a lot of creativity and enthusiasm into building  it! Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

One Week, 4 Countries, Multi-Varieties!

I spent last week visiting some of our markets in Central America, starting south and working my way north, one country per day:  Panama City, Panama; San Jose, Costa Rica; San Salvador, El Salvador; and Guatemala City, Guatemala. I saw many delicious-looking USA Pears in all of the markets, and the quality of the fruit is outstanding, especially considering the long journey required to arrive!  The most popular variety is usually the Green Anjou, followed by Red Anjou and Bosc.  This year there is also interest in trying the smaller varieties, like Forelle and Seckel.  The more varieties, the better!  It’s great to see shoppers introduced to all the different flavors that USA Pears have to offer.  (Side note: you must go to your own grocery store and pick up as many varieties of USA Pears that they have, then Continue reading