Preserve Your Pears

One of the reasons I love pears so is that they’re abundant when so many other fruits simply aren’t. They’re harvested in the late summer and fall, and thanks to modern storage techniques, they’re plentiful through the winter and spring. I’ve been enjoying sautéed Bosc pears and fresh Anjou pears for weeks on end. And here’s the bonus: pears aren’t only versatile when they’re fresh, they can be dried, and even better, preserved so that they’re truly a year-round treat! If you’re like me, you may be intimidated by food preserving. There are so many variables at work! It’s scary! You’re working with pressure and perishable foods! Enter the experts, like Brook Hurst of the lovely blog Learn to Preserve. Call it what you will—canning, preserving, putting up—Brook is a pro. She’s not only creative in the kitchen, she’s inspired Continue reading