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It’s not always easy to eat well, but it’s important. I know sometimes I’d rather tear into a bag of potato chips for an afternoon snack instead of reaching for the piece of fruit I brought to work. But then I remember how much less energized I feel after eating salty, processed foods. I’m fortunate to have been raised with an abundance of fresh produce, and I’m trying to keep up that habit as an adult. Now, I have a tool to help me remember!

This month, the Produce for Better Health Foundation launched a pledge drive to increase fruit and vegetable consumption. September is National Child Obesity Awareness Month—a reminder that our diets can always be improved by fresh, natural foods.

I’ve taken the pledge to fill half of my plate with fruit and vegetables every day, and I encourage you to pledge, too. It’s easy! You can choose from three levels. Take a step to ensure your health today—you can sign up here.

Pledge Card
Tracking Sheet – Adults
Tracking Sheet – Kids

Click on the links above to download a pledge card and tracking sheets for you and your kids. Keep track of your healthier habits for two weeks, and we’ll send you a pear package to keep you motivated! Just email me a copy of your completed tracking sheet.

Our pear package includes fresh recipe ideas, a pear slicer, and a pear packer to keep your ripe pears bruise-free while you’re on the go.

Pledge today, and visit our recipe page for inspiration! (Click here to see how I’m filling half of my plate tonight.)

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