You Can: Pear Chutney

To me, canning has always seemed like something better left to the professionals, or to Grandma, at least. I remember going to the extension office with my mom to have her pressure cooker tested. I mean, I’m all about following recipes, but if my kitchen equipment has to be tested by a third party, it’s probably best for me to stay away. That sounds…involved.

But, I discovered, it doesn’t have to be! There’s an easier way – water bath canning. All you need are some jars, lids and fresh seals, your ingredients, and a large kettle or stock pot with a lid. I followed the instructions of the talented Brook at and successfully completed my first canning attempt last night: Spicy Pear Chutney. I had it over brined pork chops for dinner last night and lunch today – it has the perfect blend of sweetness from the pears and zip from the ginger and vinegar. Here’s a quick breakdown:

I took these fruits and veggies

and chopped and zested them by hand.

I dumped them in the pot along with the spices


and after an hour, they were ready for the jars.


Could this be any cuter?!


Check out the full recipe here. Visit Learn to Preserve for lots of other brilliant preserving recipes, from jams to pickles.

Coming soon: more delicious preserving recipes featuring our favorite fruit! Watch here for details.

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  1. Hi Brittany,

    What a great recipe! Loved the photos and the final shot. It does look really cute!

    Cant wait to try it. Thank you.

    Be well


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