Nowadays, everybody’s keen on pears

It’s fall, and lot of people are doing a lot of wonderful things with pears right now.  Even though USA Pears are available nearly year-round, a lot of people still think of them as a “fall fruit.”  So if people like to cook with the seasons, and believe that pears are a fall fruit, it’s no surprise that the internet is EXPLODING with creative, delicious-looking pear recipes.

We have our very own USA Pears recipe collection, with time-tested (not to mention professionally-tested) appetizer, beverage, entree, dessert, and kid-friendly recipes, but we also like to pay attention to what’s going on out there in your kitchens.  Food blogs are all aflutter with incredible pear creations this fall, and I’ve rounded up a few of my faves for your enjoyment:


Scarlet Poached Pears from the blog “Zested” (  This was sent to me from a fan in Washington State (ok, it was my sister) who happened upon this recipe that calls for 2 medium beets in addition to a cheap, robust red wine to create that amazing color.  Personally, I find that cool.  Another cool thing about this recipe is that it’s inspired by art- a stained glass Tiffany window at the Met.   Click here to read the post.

manque7webMini Manqué pear cakes with blackberry jam from the blog “Citron & Vanille” (
The main thing I like about this lady is that she suggests you eat these cakes for breakfast!  Click here to read the post.



tart1Balsamic Goat Cheese and Pear Tart from the blog “Salt & Chocolate” (
Katie, the genius behind Salt & Chocolate, is sort of a Michael Jordan of food blogging.  She gets nominated for awards and stuff, and I can definitely see why.  Does this look good or what?  Click here to read the post.

Which brings us to my final pick, also from Salt and Chocolate!


untitled-32Vanilla Cardamom Pear Turnovers by “Salt & Chocolate” (

The best part about this post, besides the simple yet delectable recipe, is the comment from someone named Jen (not me).  It says, “I’ve been on a total puff pastry and cardamon kick, so I will definitely be trying this recipe.”  A total puff pastry and cardamom kick?  Jen, who are you and why don’t you have your own blog?

I feel it’s fair to say that if you’re not daydreaming about inventing your own creative pear dessert right now, you might want to start.  After all, it is fall.

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