Now In Stores: Bartlett & Starkrimson USA Pears!

yellow-red-starkHave you spotted them yet?  Green Bartletts, red Bartletts and Starkrimson pears are here!  These pears are all sweet, juicy and have delightful aromas. You may have heard these varieties referred to as “summer pears,” and that’s because they’re among the first varieties to be harvested and hit the stores each year. 

Some folks don’t know that as green Bartletts ripen they become yellow, and that they’re one of the only varieties that change dramatically in color as they ripen.  Of course, some people like their green Bartletts a little firmer and greener than others.  As for me, I like them pretty ripe and yellow!  The red Bartletts also change, but not as much.  They go from a dark red (often with light vertical striping) to a beautiful bright red. 

If you’ve never tried a Starkrimson, you really should give them a shot.  They’re such a gorgeous pear, and I’ve heard more than one person say they’re sweeter than candy!

Remember, if you don’t see a particular variety in your local store’s produce department, you can always ask them to start carrying it!

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