Happy National Pear Month!


December is officially National Pear Month, and here in the Pacific Northwest we’re celebrating!  Here are six things you can do to join in the fun:


1.  This one’s obvious:  incorporate pears into your meals, snacks, desserts and beverages!  You’ll find plenty of inspiration here, or invent something and send me a photo (you might just win something).


2.  Decorate with fresh pears – they look beautiful in wreaths, centerpieces, garlands and more.  Follow the simple directions for one of our projects, or invent your own and send me another photo!


3.  Make a gift basket using fresh pears for friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, the mailman, whoever.  Once again, we have instructions and inspiration here, and I don’t want to say it again but I will, INVENT YOUR OWN AND SEND ME A PHOTO!


4.   Click here to receive our monthly e-newsletters.  They always have a fresh recipe and some sort of contest or drawing.  We know you like to win stuff.


5.  We’ve taken the liberty of listing a few restaurants that feature pears on their menu here, but this time of year, you can find pears on most restaurant menus.  If you taste something good tell us about it and we’ll add it to our list!


6.  For Oregon and Washington’s 1,600 pear growers, tending pear trees is a way of life.  Get to know some of the families who bring fresh pears from their trees to your table by clicking here.

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