Growing Regions: Mid-Columbia

The countdown continues at Pear Bureau Northwest as we eagerly await a new season of USA Pears!

Last season’s crop can still be found—in fact, I was surprised to see a few Green Anjou USA Pears in the produce section of my local grocery store last night—but we’re looking forward to seeing vivid Red and Yellow Bartletts and brilliant Starkrimson pears on the shelves soon!

As we patiently wait, I think it’s time to learn a little more about where these delicious pears grow. Let’s take a look at the second of our four main growing regions, Mid-Columbia.

This region stretches from White Salmon, Washington south to Hood River, Oregon—home to windsurfers, microbrews, and sweet and juicy USA Pears! In Hood River, you can truly follow your food from farm to fork, thanks to the Fruit Loop. The Fruit Loop is a 35-mile scenic route through the fields, orchards, and pastures of the Mid-Columbia.

In the fall, it’s the site of all sorts of celebrations, from the Honey Crisp Harvest to the Hood River Harvest Ride. This year, gather up your family and head to Hood River for a pear-fect fall field trip!

Watch the video below to meet Jennifer Euwer, one of our growers from the Mid-Columbia region.

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