Emotional Eating

emotional eatingWe’ve all done it… You had a bad day and before you know it, you’re reaching for a pint of ice cream or bag of chips. We’ve been raised to react to emotions this way, from the first time your mom gave you a cookie when you fell down or earned an A on a spelling quiz. It’s so common that I have never met a single client, student, or friend who does not emotionally eat sometimes! So, how do we combat it?

The best way is to resolve the problem. Why are you sad? Why are you stressed? Some things we can’t correct, such as a death or divorce, but we can solve how we respond. If you can’t resolve the problem, the solution is how you respond to the urge to binge. The best methods may be talking it over with a friend, exercise, rest, or calming activities, such as yoga, massage, or meditation. Exercise releases endorphins, natural mood boosters, and sleep, yoga, and meditation can decrease stress hormones. No matter your vice for when the going gets tough, you can handle the binges. Stock your fridge with yummy, healthy snacks that you’re drawn to, maybe pear and banana slices plus peanut butter, low-fat popcorn, or a single serving of your favorite ice cream. The good news is that this, too, shall pass and you’ll be back on track in no time!

About Amy Kweller MS, RD

As a Registered Dietitian, I have a professional relationship with pears. But as someone who loves great food, I also have a personal relationship with pears! So there is no better way to spend my time than blogging about this lovely fruit. I will blog about pears from farm to table; healthy living, cooking, and recipes; the therapeutic benefits of pears and a wholesome diet; and how pears can fit into your lifestyle. I have a background in clinical and community nutrition, and teaching others how to lead healthy, fulfilling lives is my goal and passion – so send me your questions. My hope is that everyone who visits this site will find something that lingers long after the browser closes, and I expect that will be a deeper love of pears!

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