Go Ducks!

It’s game day! Tonight, the University of Oregon Ducks face off against the Auburn University Tigers for the BCS Championship title. Our office is excited for the game, especially our president, Kevin—he’s a U of O alum and a proud Ducks fan.

So when he realized that USA Pears naturally come in Ducks colors, we decided to get creative with our game day celebration! Here’s what we dished up:

Yes, it is as delicious as it looks. Since you’ve seen the final product, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek behind the scenes of a photo shoot.

Secret #1: All the food is real. We often eat it after the shoot has ended.

Secret #2: That table isn’t exactly a table… The main trick to making a shoot look realistic and appetizing is the lighting, so re-creating the table gives the photographer more room to play with the lighting, and the food stylist has different angles from which she can make sure the guacamole looks chunky enough and the napkins can be read.

Secret #3: See the ice in that bucket of beer? Yeah…it’s not ice. It’s giant bubble wrap! Convincing, huh?

Whether you’re cheering on the Ducks tonight or looking forward to your Super Bowl spread, check out our menu for simple, healthy game day eats!

Go Ducks!

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