Countdown to Halloween: (#2) The Candied Ginger Chocolate Covered Pear

The Candied Ginger Chocolate Pear

The Candied Ginger Chocolate Pear

Who says you have to stick to sticking boring sprinkles and generic nuts on your chocolate covered pears?  Why not branch out and use your imagination?  It’s not like you have to enter them in the county fair and risk getting a white ribbon and an embarassing comment card from the judge, right?
Visit the recipe section of the USA Pears website and you’ll see where the inspiration for this little gem came from.  What can I say, the spiciness of ginger and the sweet, fresh, pure taste of pears mingle well together.  In fact, I’ve heard ginger referred to as the pear’s most complementary flavor.
To make this little treat, just mince a few pieces of candied ginger (usually found in grocery stores in the dried fruit section) and sprinkle it over your chocolate covered pear while it’s still hot and sticky.  You definitely want to sprinkle/ carefully place the minced ginger on the chocolate covered pear as opposed to trying to roll it.  Poor Alexa found that out the hard way 🙁  By the way, a big thanks to my friends Alexa and Jodi for helping me make and photograph these candied pears! 

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