Pears and Beer for National Pear Month

It’s time to elevate our noshing with pears and beer!

We suggest four pear, beer and snack pairings for holiday entertaining:


Comice pear has a sweet and juicy flavor that is meltingly smooth and creamy.  Pair with a Northwest-produced IPA, with bold hop flavors and a creamy, earthy Gorgonzola.

A mild, sweet and subtle floral taste of Starkrimson compliments the clean and crisp Pilsner we selected with a creamy, mild Brie cheese.

The Anjou pear is sweet, citrusy and succulent with creamy, tender flesh. Try this pear on a Parmesan cheese crisp with a rich Stout beer. The sweet, tangy pear brings out the flavors in the partners.

The Bosc pear is firm and woodsy, with a sweet, honey note. Dip a square in chocolate sauce and enjoy with a Brown ale. We chose a hazelnut ale for more Northwest-grown appeal.