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USA Pear Clip Art For Your Menus

Download the USA Pear clip art images below and add them to your school lunch menus or classroom for a visually appealing break text. Images can be used in conjunction with fresh USA Pears on the menu, as seasonally-themed graphics, or as general design elements to capture attention.

USA Pears Color Logo

For Additional Clip Art Click Here

Clip Art Download Tips

To download clip art do as follows (most browsers):

  1. Click on the specific clip art link with the right mouse button. On Macintosh systems, click and hold on the respective link.
  2. To save small image - Select Save File As
  3. To save a larger image - Select Save Link As (or a similar command).
  4. Choose an appropriate location to save the file.

    By downloading these files you are indicating that you agree to the following CONDITIONS OF USE: These image files belong to the Pear Bureau Northwest, and are available for download and use by members of the school food service industry and educators for use in educational materials, school lunch menus, and other school food service related items. Images may not be included on items for sale. Images may not be used in conjunction with the sale, delivery, promotion, or presentation of pears which are not promoted under the generic USA Pears or Northwest Bartlett labels.


Additional Art Images